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System Integration Test

Our Approach and Solutions
  • Defining test concepts, requirements, managing onsite activities, specifying test environments, and creating test plans and cases.

  • Includes automating test cases and creating specialized tools and test report generators for software integration testing

  • Software acceptance testing includes test bench setup, test execution (manual or automated), result analysis, reporting, and implementing improvements

  • Testing on vehicles involves preparing the vehicle, analyzing results, reporting findings, and implementing improvements.

Key Activities and Expertise
  • Comprehensive coverage of test cycle activities.

  • Planning, coordinating, and monitoring system integration tests.

  • Creating automated test cases.

  • Developing tailored solutions for special use cases.

  • Experience in high voltage environments.

  • Ensuring quality at all testing levels.

  • Checking overnight test results.

  • Analyzing for next steps in the test chain.

  • Reporting and sharing test plans.

  • Working with HighVoltage-Testbench, vehicles, Integration HiLs.

  • Reproducing defects from field cases.

  • Consulting on customer test processes.

  • Creating and validating charging tests and procedures.


Equipments & Hardware Devices:

  • dSpace-HiLs, iSB14, MiniHiL, HighVoltage-Testbenches, Customized hardware for Vehicle Testing, DC/DC-Load Testbench, Charging Testbench, eMachine-Testbench, Oscilloscope

Software Applications & Tools:

  • ECU-TEST, Python, C/C++, INCA, CANalyzer, CANoe, EDIABAS, E-Sys, Carmen, TurboLab,

  • MF Neorelis, HP ALM; IBM Rational Doors, Jira, Redmine, Tortoise, SVN, MS Office

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