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Our Products

iSB14 - Breakout Box

The iSB14 "Intelligent Switch Box" is a Breakout Box designed to support integration tests and streamline the debugging phase of ECUs.

  • Power Module: Includes two power modules with current and voltage sensors. Can be controlled remotely via ECU-Test to regulate power or switch Klemmen.

  • Touch Interface: A smart interface designed to prevent all misconfigurations from the user and control power and bus-matrix features.

  • Bus-Matrix: Includes a 106 relay-matrix to connect/open bus connections between ECUs and restbus simulation tools.

miniHiL System

A revolutionary Low-Cost Hardware-in-the-Loop system for Powertrain Systems, which replaces traditional and expensive HiL systems from both performance and price perspectives.

The miniHil is a Hardware-In-the-Loop test platform that provides modular I/O modules with various types of simulated signals, including analog, digital, PWM, LIN, CAN, Flexray, and resolver, among others. The flexibility of the miniHil platform arises from its interchangeable modules, each designed for a specific task. These modules are developed in-house and can be customized to meet our customers' needs and requirements.

  • Power I/O Module: Enables the control of hardware on/off functions and contains 5 channels, also capable of reading voltage and current for each channel.

  • 8 Digital Inputs – 8 Digital Outputs: Facilitates the generation and reading of ECU-relevant GPIO and PWM signals.

  • Key Module: Designed for testing robustness, featuring components like a start button and a solenoid system for machine push and pull operations.

  • Relay Input/Output Module: Utilizes software to control power and signal routing

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