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Hardware Development

Our Approach and Solutions
  • Mechanical Design begins with housing design, followed by 3D-CAD modeling, rapid prototyping, thermal analysis, and motor test bench evaluations.

  • Hardware Design encompasses digital and analog design, schematic/layout creation, circuit simulation, FPGA design, prototype production, and reverse engineering.

  • Software development follows, involving embedded software development, HiL model creation, and software GUI design.

Key Activities and Expertise
  • Developing complete Products

  • Moving from Specification to Production

  • Working on Architecture, Hardware Design, Mechanical Design, and Software Design

  • Developing complete ECUs: Low and High Voltage ECUs

  • Designing Test Equipment for Distributed Realtime Systems

  • Developing Test Automation Tools


Equipments & Hardware Devices:

  • dSpace-HiLs, iSB14, MiniHiL, HighVoltage-Testbenches, Customized hardware for Vehicle Testing, DC/DC-Load Testbench, Charging Testbench, eMachine-Testbench, Oscilloscope

Software Applications & Tools:

  • ECU-TEST, Python, C/C++, INCA, CANalyzer, CANoe

  • MF Neorelis, HP ALM; IBM Rational Doors, Jira, Redmine, Tortoise, SVN, MS Office

  • Altium Designer, Mentor PADS Design, SolidWorks,

  • Xilinx ISE, Altera, MPLAB

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