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Software Test & Validation

Our Approach and Solutions
  • Software unit testing involves powerful offsite team engagement, onsite management, MiL, SiL, PiL tests, code inspection, and PolySpace analysis.

  • Software Integration Testing encompasses experience-based testing, test plan and strategy creation, test automation, failure analysis, and the utilization of customer and company-owned hardware.

  • Software acceptance testing incorporates failure injection tests, timing analysis tests, requirement review, test case development, and functional safety test execution.

  • Tooling includes custom solutions based on customer requirements, in-house developments for common needs, and support for customer-used tools.

Key Activities and Expertise
  • Planning, coordinating, and monitoring the test activities

  • On-site coordination and supporting offshore teams

  • Creating the master test concepts

  • Organizing the test equipment and ECUs

  • Specifying, implementing, and executing tests

  • Automating tests

  • Permanently improving the test process

  • Reporting, analyzing failures, and customizing metrics

  • Logging all test activities in the customer's own and/or MicroFuzzy JIRA

  • Storing tests and test results in SVN

  • Our Testers are ISTQB Certified

  • Conforming to ISO26262 standards for testing to ensure the embedded software meets software safety requirements


HiL Equipments

  • Micronova HiL, dSpace, MicroFuzzy µHiL , iSB14 & mini HiL, Vector Hardware, static & dynamic Restbus Simulation (IXXAT and dSPACE)

Software applications and hardware devices

  • Flashing:  Lauterbach Trace debugger, MPLAB ICD3 debugger, Altera Blaster

  • Measurement and calibration: Vector Tools (Canalyzer, CANoe, CANape), ETAS (INCA), EDIABAS, INPA, TraceTronic ECU-Test, Diagnoser, ZEDIS, ControlDesk, LabView

  • Diagnosis: Diagnostic Master Test, Diagnostic System Test

  • Runtime measurements: Gliwa T1

  • Requirements, problem and defect management: Doors, HP- QualityCenter, JIRA/ASCENT

  • Version management: Tortoise SVN

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