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Software Development

Our Approach and Solutions
  • Problem Analysis is involving CAN Traces analysis, OS behavior analysis, long-term measurements, debugging, and trap analysis.

  • Special Software Components are including interrupt-controlled features, dedicated communication drivers, device drivers, and specialized flash drivers.

  • System development is encompassing OS configuration, resource management, system optimization, storage configuration, runtime optimization, software architecture, interface definition and implementation, as well as system diagnosis development.

Key Activities and Expertise
  • Developing complex device drivers

  • Integrating FuSi

  • Managing problems

  • Optimizing existing systems

  • Performing error analyses

  • Configuring and extending AutoSAR and OSEK-based systems

  • Developing software according to ISO 26262

  • Developing and maintaining multiprocessor projects


Code Languages:

  • C, Perl, Make

Software Applications:

  • INCA, HP ALM, CANalyzer, CANoe, Lauterbach Debugger Trace32, SVN, GIT, TESSY, Customer Tools, MATLAB, CCS, Eclipse, …

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