Founded 1994 MicroFuzzy GMBH is established in Munich, Germany. Having worked for Siemens VDO, the founders had a team of highly skilled engineers - ready to develop innovative solutions in the automotive sector.
1995 Microfuzzy becomes official tool partner of Siemens Semiconductor
1998 Partner in European R&D project "TREFAB"
2003 Cooperation with Asian R&D organizations NECTEC / AIT
2004 Introduction of high-speed microcontroller module „ALTAIR“
2006 Development and production of „CISS“ datalogger
2009 Cooperation with University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt and Continental about „Crash Impact Sound Sensoring“. ‚Bavarian Innovation Award‘
2010 Opening of R&D centre in Regensburg/Germany
2011 Certification ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001
2013 More than 60 Engineers work full time for MicroFuzzy
2016 Moved into Connex Bulding / Taunusstraße with more than 2200 m² Office space and more than 1200 m² Test Center
2017 More than 100 employees at the Munich headquarter