miniHiL System

miniHILA revolutionary Low Cost Hardware-in-Loop system for Powertrain Systems which replaces traditional and expensive HiL systems from performance and price perspective.

miniHil is a Hardware-In-the-Loop test platform providing modular I/O modules with various kinds of simulated signals, such as analog: digital, PMW, LIN, CAN, Flexray, resolver etc.The miniHil platform's flexibility is due to its interchangeable modules - each designed for aspecific task. These modules are created in-house and can be customized to satisfy our customer's needs and requirements. 


Such modules include:

  • Power I/O Module: To turn on / off hardware. Contains 5 channels and can also read the voltage and current of each channel
  • 8 Digital input – 8 Digital output: Provides an easy way to generate & read ECU relevant GPIO and PWM signals
  • Key Module: Designed for testing robustness, such as a start button, with a solenoid system to run a machine push and pull
  • Relay Input/Output Module: uses software to control power and signal routing

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